Intensive Driving Courses – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the FAQs that we are generally asked about intensive driving courses (most of the answers include the words “it depends”).

  • How much does an intensive driving course cost? It depends on a few things including previous experience. Some people have zero experience, some have lots – we design a course for each person and the cost is dependent on the number of hours that are required. This prices link shows all course prices, generally we will arrange an assessment lesson to find out which course is required.
  • Does the intensive course include the theory test? We expect you to have passed the theory test already, however if you need help we can do this. Make sure that you pay the correct theory test fee (£23) by booking it here
  • How soon can I do an intensive course? This depends on experience, if you have passed the theory test and when we can get a driving test arranged. Most test centres have a waiting list, but we can sometimes get an earlier date, but we can’t book your test until you have passed your theory test.
  • Can we do a course in my area? We always try to do our courses really close to your home, so that we can pick you up and drop off but we don’t currently cover the whole of the UK. The areas page is a great place to check.